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Ministry by Text bridges your members from inquiry to participation.


Empower Your Audience

The MBT implementation strategy allows your audience to control engagement and gather information using their preferred method of communication.


Increase Involvement

With MBT, attendance and service can reach new heights. Event details are delivered by text and messages include short URL's that link to sign-up forms. Connect people and meet needs in real time. With MBT, ministry happens at the speed of text.


Grow New Leaders

Nurture your ministry leaders and small group members with automated text campaigns that keep them informed and inspired. Meeting reminders, progress reports and updates that include encouraging video and editorials are just the beginning.


Stay Compliant

You don’t have to become an expert on the rules and regulations of SMS communication. The industry requirements are the foundation of the MBT software, your members cannot receive a message they don’t request and they can remove consent at any time. Your audience controls the information they receive.


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Our quick start pricing model accommodates any size church or ministry 

Big Savings fits any budget

The Ministry by Text pricing model is designed to fit the budget of any size church or ministry. Our desire is to equip you with an effective communication resource to improve execution, reduce operating cost and support kingdom work.

Work with a Ministry Consultant

Ministry by Text provides a best practice roadmap for getting started. Your MBT consultant will make recommendations all along the way based on a proven implementation strategy designed to meet your objectives.

Learn How to use the Software

MBT U is our video tutorial library that provides simple instructions for navigating the MBT software. The MBT software support team is also available at no additional charge to provide assistance when needed.


If you’re not mobile, you’re missing out.

Smartphone use in the U.S. is approaching 90%

81% of adults use text messaging

Text message use is 21% higher than internet activity

64%  use smartphones as  primary internet device


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