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Anytime you start something new there is always a learning curve. Our goal is to come along side you to learn your ministry and customize a plan to best meet your needs. The best way to explain the process is to first look at the potential layers of communication. This is one example of how we can best serve you…


The top layer or “church” is the highest level of communication. This typically is the Church campus or ministry headquarters. From here, you will be able to communicate to everyone subscribed to receive messages.


The second layer or “ministry” represents the variety of different groups throughout your ministry. This includes, but is not limited to: Men, Women, Youth, Missions, Outreach, etc.


The third layer or “groups” represent the variety of more specific points of communication within a ministry.

Text Response Inbox

Reach an entire church with one simple text.

Use case examples:
  • Daily Bible verse
  • Message from the pastor
  • Invitation to participate in a ministry wide event (i.e. Fall Festival, Pastors Study Series, etc.)


Quickly communicate with individuals in your ministry.

Use case examples:
  • The men’s ministry is looking for volunteers for the upcoming retreat
  • The women’s ministry is starting a new study series in the Fall
  • The youth ministry is raising funds for the upcoming missions trip


Text Response Inbox

Text Response Inbox

Get text notifications for upcoming events.

Use case examples:
  • The single Men’s ministry meets in the meeting room #1 after the morning service
  • The over 40 Women’s ministry will begin volunteering at the senior center beginning in January
  • The Jr. High kids club is sponsoring the fourth of July festival


As you will see, the different layers of communication can be customized to meet your message.

MBT will dedicate a ministry consultant to foster the relationship as part of the beginning stages. Starting with one discovery session followed by three consulting sessions targeting the four pillars of MBT usage.

Boost Attendance

Increase Participation

Promote Serving

Encourage Giving
From there, our collective imagination will be the only limitation to truly providing your ministry with a tool that will accomplish your ministry goals on time and under budget.