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Relationships are hard and biblical marriages seem to be constantly under fire these days.

Cottonwood Creek Church felt the calling to address relationships in the church with a sermon series that they called #RelationshipGoals.

A major execution element of the #RelationshipGoals series was the delivery of weekly Q&A videos where the pastor was joined by a subject matter expert to provide biblical questions from members. Cottonwood Creek Church used the powerful Ministry By Text technology to make it easy for members to submit questions by text, watch the Q&A videos, and get updates and encouragement throughout the series.

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Get the Word Out

During Sunday services, Pastor John Mark would instruct the audience to text their questions.  "QUESTIONS to 77978"  This direct communication capability to the pastor was also added to the website, the service bulletin, the video announcement screens in the church facility, and the church social media strategy. 


Step 2

Ask Your Question

A church member can now text  QUESTION to 77978, and the software confirms receipt of the question and thanks them for participating. .




Step 3


The church member then receives text notifications when new Q&A videos are available. The message includes url links that provide the ability to view the video content on their phone. This also stimulates viral activity as members often forward these messages to friends and family.





Questions Received


New Attendees


Cottonwood Creek Church leveraged the power of text messaging to increase attendance and engagement with the #RelationshipGoals sermon series.

The response was so positive, they have now expanded the message frequency to include mid-week content and daily scripture. Member Q&A is now a standard option in every sermon series.